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Kitchen Music Studios

Let's Cook Up a
Little Music Together

Be the heartbeat of the room

Playing music is a wonder, isn’t it? 
You hold in your hands the power to move not only yourself but the people around you. It’s magic in real life. Who wouldn’t want to play music?

Realize your potential. Cook up a little music in your life.


Online Courses

An online video course shepherds your progress on your own time from the comfort of your home.

Private Lessons & Group Classes

Learn more about our live
in-person and online classes. Programs for all skill levels, for both kids and adults. 

“Max’s favourite hour of his entire week—Kitchen Music is amazing!” 

— Bev B.

Receive your free guide with tips to help you start off on the right track. 


Every learner is different, with their own learning styles and musical tastes.


The focus of this guide (and at Kitchen Music Studios) is to clarify what your musical goals are, whether that's singing a campfire song or playing a guitar solo on stage. And to show you the first steps to getting there. 

Kitchen Music Studios

17 Withrow Avenue, Toronto,
Ontario, M4K 1C8 CANADA


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