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Our Teaching Philosophy

We grow musicians

Through music, we essentially teach students how to become creative problem-solvers, inspired inventors and thoughtful, positive contributors to the world. We recognize that music deepens and enriches our life in meaningful ways, as individuals, as families and as a community. 

Lessons are designed for you and your goals

We recognize that every person learns differently, so our teaching approach is custom-designed for each unique learner to the best of our ability. We also strive to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment where everyone supports and cares for each other. We want our students to know the joy that comes from making music and we're here as your support team (experienced teachers, directors and administrators) to sustain you and your family on this important journey.

It takes a village

Overall, we aim to make music lessons fun and engaging, so that students leave each lesson inspired and excited to work regularly toward their musical goals. We recognize that it takes a village to create a musician, and we offer guidance for the developing musician's family members whenever requested so that they too are on board to create an amenable environment at home for regular practice and support between lessons.

Giving back

We care a lot about the amazing community that we have lived and worked in for more than 30 years, so we regularly seek out opportunities to share our skills and expertise in support of important causes in our community.

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