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Kitchen Music Calendar

2023-2024 Calendar (38 weeks)
Monday Sept 11th 2023 to Saturday June 22nd 2024.

The Studio will be closed for the following dates:

October 7 - 9    (Saturday through to Monday) THANKSGIVING WEEK-END

Dec 22nd - Jan 7th     WINTER BREAK (Last day before break: THURSDAY Dec 21st)

February 17 - 19   (Saturday through to Monday) FAMILY DAY WEEK-END


March 3rd     Student Winter Concert

March 10 - 17         MARCH BREAK

March 29-April 1       (4 days: Friday through to Monday) EASTER WEEK-END

May 18 - 20           (3 days Saturday to Monday) VICTORIA DAY WEEK-END

Year-end Student Concert Day:
Sunday, June 23rd 2024, Hugh's Room, 296 Broadview Avenue

LAST DAY OF LESSONS for 2023-24:  Saturday, June 22nd, 2024.

Summer Four-Lesson packages available in July 2024.
REGISTER NOW! Visit our Summer Lessons 2024 page for more details.

Two sets of student concerts are booked for students each year: March and June.

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