Four-Note Chord  Voicings

—Play Rhythm Guitar Like A Pro—

Build a repertoire of skills that can be applied to any style of music like pop, funk, rock, blues, folk, singer-songwriter etc.

Learn the essential extended chords you need to comp like a pro while building on your rhythmic knowledge, with lessons on swing, bossa nova and fingerstyle strumming—all in the context of popular songs and jazz standards.

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Group will be held in-person with some supplementary material available online.

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"Steve is the real deal, a Toronto treasure."

For those of you who may be thinking of upping your guitar game, or introducing guitar to some budding rock stars, I can't think of anyone I'd entrust that to better qualified than Steve.

Awesome guy, great teacher, uber-skilled.

- Ian T.

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What Steve Briggs says about the Four-Note Chord Voicings course


When guitarists are ready to expand their chord vocabulary, it’s important to remember that it’s not enough to just learn the chord shapes. You must also put these chords into context. When you study how they are commonly grouped together, then you can begin to develop strategies for negotiating your way through all the standard chord progressions. 


The good news is that there aren’t as many different combinations as it may initially seem.

Also there are multiple song examples for any chord progression combination. In this course, we will play through standard song examples with the chord diagrams clearly written in on your chart. This provides your context, and also it’s a very engaging method for teaching these chord shapes. 


I have found that an effective way of learning is to frame something new as not really new but a variation on something you’re doing already. With this in mind, each week we will introduce a new chord type or concept while also building on all the recent additions to your chord vocabulary. We are focusing on only the most common chord shapes and progressions, and you will be able to identify and read through chord charts. 


And of course meeting and playing with other fellow musicians is a plus!"

We've made this a limited capacity course (max 5 students) to take advantage of all the benefits of learning in an exclusive small group: 

  • Each student gets the individual attention and support they need

  • Students create more meaningful music connections and with other students

  • More time for questions, discussion and personal feedback

  • Chance to go deeper into specific topics


Four-note Chord Voicings

Tell me about Four-Note Chord Voicings

This is a 12-week in-person course that expand your chord and song vocabulary. You'll learn chord extensions like Major6, Major7, Minor6, Minor7, Dominant7, Minor7flat5 etc. and practice them through popular jazz standards and chord progressions. But these aren't Jazz concepts, they can be applied to every genre including pop, funk, blues, rock, folk etc.

What will I learn during the course?

During the course, you will: - learn to use extended major, minor, dominant and diminished chord shapes - create interesting and intuitive chord movements and chord melodies - get popular songs and jazz standards under your fingers - comp along with songs using swing, bossa nova and fingerstyle rhythms - Identify common chord progressions and read through chord charts

Who is this course ideal for?

Singer-songwriters whose main instrument is guitar Sidemen guitarists, supporting musician, band member Current Music Students and recent college grads

What's included in the program?

12 x one hour weekly classes: in-person group (value: $450) Access to supportive instructional materials for a full year (audio backing tracks and recorded examples) (value: $180) Printable supplemental study sheets (TAB pages) (value: $35) Certificate of completion (priceless!)

What's the course schedule?

2022 Schedule for Four-Note Chord Voicings 12 Weekly Lessons on Mondays - 8pm-9pm START DATE: Monday, February 28, 2022 Mondays, February 28-June 6, 2022 NOTE* No class on: March 14th (First Day of March Break) April 18th (Easter Monday) May 23rd (Victoria Day)

What's the price of the course?

The full price of the course is $665. You can save 20% when you book before January 31st - sign up at $532.

Minimum enrollment required

If the minimal enrollment of 3 students is not met then we reserve the right to cancel the class and return a full refund to enrolled students.

Four-Note Chord Voicings


Lesson 1:  Intro to Harmonized Major Scales  |  Maj7, Min7, Dom7, Min7b5

Lesson 2: Intro to the Circle of Fifths

Lesson 3: Intro to Maj6, Min6, Maj9, Min9

Lesson 4: Intro to Diminished Seventh Chords

Lesson 5: Swing, Swing, Swing pt. 1

Lesson 6: Intro to Descending lines in Minor

Lesson 7: Intro to Ascending Lines in Minor

Lesson 8: Swing, Swing, Swing pt. 2

Lesson 9: Putting It All Together So Far

Lesson 10: Bossa Nova (Finger style & Strum)

Lesson 11: Bossa Nova Review and Triads

Lesson 12: Intro to Slash Chords and More Bossa Nova Review


- A guitar, and a desire to learn
- Basic finger dexterity (be able to move from chord to chord)
- Knowledge of the basic open chords 

- Knowledge of barre chords

- Knowledge of the notes on the fretboard

A plus, but not essential:

- Prior theory knowledge is an asset