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LEARN FROM THE BEST: In our very first online course offering, master guitarist Steve Briggs expands your understanding of chords by walking you through the mechanics of triads and their many practical uses. His time-tested approach uses carefully-crafted exercises, and combines them with practical application using backing tracks to solidify your skills.


As an intermediate player, this comprehensive study of triads will bring your playing and composing to the next level.

I appreciate that Steve has taken theoretical concepts and broken them down into short, concise lesson plans, that are not overwhelming to review. It is very helpful having written, auditory, and visual examples of these concepts, because this will appeal to students with various learning styles. It is also beneficial to have these lessons on a video that can be viewed multiple times, to solidify my knowledge. The lessons are manageable, and will help to develop my confidence in playing!

This is a really great summer project!!


TRIADS 1 —The Essential Guide to Inversions and Pairings

Lesson 1: Introducing Major and Minor Triads

Lesson 2: C Major and Minor Triads

Lesson 3: Major Harmonized Scales

Lesson 4: Diminished Triads

Lesson 5: Adding the Diminished 7th Chord

Lesson 6: C Major and G Major Harmonized with Spread Triads

Lesson 7: Major Scale Diatonic Chords

Lesson 8: Four to One and Five to One Progressions

Lesson 9: Augmented Triads

Lesson 10: Neighbouring Chords: Pairing the 2 and 7 triads with the Tonic

Lesson 11: Rootless Dominant 7th Chords

PLUS: 11 Play Along Videos

More than 2 hours of on-demand video


- A guitar, and a desire to learn
- Basic finger dexterity (be able to move from chord to chord)
- Knowledge of the basic open chords 
- An rudimentary understanding of music theory

A plus, but not essential:
- Knowledge of barre chords
- Knowledge of the notes found on the fretboard


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